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Latest News

May 2017...

AERMOD View 9.4 Released!

- Updated AERMET 16216
- Import Project Wizard
- Data Input Checks

see release notes

Mar 2017...

AERSCREEN View 2.5 Released!

- Adjust U-Star option

see release notes

Mar 2017...

CALPUFF View 8.5 Released!

- Updated NED downloads
- Improved model QA

see release notes

Oct 2016...

CALRoads View 6.5 Released!

- New Lakes Satellite mapping system
- Excel Import/Export ETS Data
- Met View Graph display

see release notes


Export to Google Earth™

View your Modeling Project in Google Earth

Now You can Export your Projects to Google Earth!

Lakes Environmental software applications allow you to export layers from your modeling project to a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file that can then be opened in Google Earth. This allows you to clearly envision your project and its results using the high quality images provided by Google Earth.

Note: You must have Google Earth version 4.3 or greater installed on your computer to view the sample files provided below. You may need to download the latest version of Google Earth.

Google Earth Samples

Air Dispersion Modeling Software AERMOD View Exported into Google Earth
Download Sample


Long Range Transport Air Dispersion Model
CALPUFF View Exported into Google Earth
Download Sample


Lagrangian Particle Tracking Air Dispersion Model
AUSTAL View Exported into Google Earth
Download Sample


ARTM View™
Atmospheric Radionuclide Transport Model

ARTM View Exported into Google Earth
Download Sample

Note: Click open on the File Download dialog box to automatically load the KMZ file into Google Earth. You must have Google Earth version 4.3 or up to view the file.

What are KML Files?

Google Earth is able to show images overlaid on the surface of the earth using Keyhole Markup Language (KML). KML files specify a set of features for display in Google Earth.

What Layers can be Exported to Google Earth?

The following layers can be exported into Google Earth from Lakes Environmental applications:

  • Sources
  • Receptors
  • Buildings
  • Grids
  • Result Contours
  • Terrain Contours

Google Earth Licensing

Google, Inc. provides three product levels to Google Earth, which you should investigate before using. For the most timely and complete Google Earth licensing options, please consult Google's website and license agreement. Please choose the Google Earth product that meets your organization’s needs. Lakes Environmental does not authorize or license any of these products for your use.

Google Earth is a Trademark of Google, Inc.

How to Acquire Google Earth

  1. Access the Google Earth website at

  2. Determine your required product level.

  3. Download/purchase the appropriate Google Earth package, and install it according to the documentation provided by Google, Inc.