AERMOD Tech Guide

Gaussian Plume Air Dispersion Model

8.4 Information passed by AERMET to AERMOD

The following information is passed from AERMET to AERMOD for each hour of the meteorological data record.

- All observations of wind speed ( u ); wind direction; ambient temperature (T); lateral turbulence (v ); & vertical turbulence (w ) with their associated measurement heights.

- Sensible heat flux ( H ),friction velocity ( u* ), Monin Obukhov length L, zim (for all hours), zic & w* (for convective hours only), zo , r{}, & Bo , d/dz (above zi), uref , wind direction at the reference height, zref , ambient temperature at the reference height ( Tref ) (not used in AERMOD), & the reference height for temperature ( zTref ).