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Section 6:

6. The ISC Short-term Dispersion Model Equations

6.1 Point Source Emissions

6.1.1 The Gaussian Equation

6.1.2 Downwind and Crosswind Distances

6.1.3 Wind Speed Profile

6.1.4 Plume Rise Formulas

6.1.5 The Dispersion Parameters

6.1.6 The Vertical Term

6.1.7 The Decay Term

6.2 Non-Point Source Emissions

6.2.1 General

6.2.2 The Short-Term Volume Source Model

6.2.3 The Short-Term Area Source Model

6.2.4 The Short-Term Open Pit Source Model

6.3 The ISC Short-Term Dry Deposition Model

6.3.1 General

6.3.2 Deposition Velocities

6.3.3 Point and Volume Source Emissions

6.3.4 Area and Open Pit Source Emissions

6.4 The ISC Short-Term Wet Deposition Model

6.5 ISC Complex Terrain Screening Algorithms

6.5.1 The Gaussian Sector Average Equation

6.5.2 Downwind, Crosswind and Radial Distances

6.5.3 Wind Speed Profile

6.5.4 Plume Rise Formulas

6.5.5 The Dispersion Parameters

6.5.6 The Vertical Term

6.5.7 The Decay Term

6.5.8 The Plume Attenuation Correction Factor

6.5.9 Wet Deposition in Complex Terrain

6.6 ISC Treatment of Intermediate Terrain

ISCST3 Tech Guide

Gaussian Plume Air Dispersion Model

6.5.7 The Decay Term

See the discussion given in Section 1.1.7.