Why do I get an "Invalid Hour" error when trying to import from Excel?

The most common reasons for this type of error is that the First Row to Import is not set correctly. For example, if your Excel file has a one-line header followed by data, the First Row to Import should be set to 2.  If it is set to 1 (the default) it will try to read the header as data.


Other things to check:

  1. Have your cells been properly formatted from the beginning to end of the file? For example, the month of February should be written as 2 or 02, not as –02-, Feb, or 0.2.
  2. The Import from Excel utility is expecting an HOURLY data file. Missing dates and times will not be imported.
  3. Text cannot be imported, the Import utility expects numerical values.
  4. Negative values are not accepted. A wind direction of 315 degrees must be written as 315 degrees, not –45 degrees.
  5. Wind direction must be written as whole degrees. A value of 315.5 degrees is not accepted.
  6. The maximum amount of data, which can be imported from an Excel file, is 5 years (approximately 43,800 lines).
  7. A column may appear to be correct at first glance, but farther down the column there may be incorrect values such as "***". Since this is not a valid number, errors such as 'invalid integer' will likely be generated.
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