What is wrong with my met file format?

If you have more missing hours than expected, strange results, or if your get an Unknown File Format message, there may be an issue with the formatting of your file.  Some common issues are listed below:

  • Wind speed or wind direction is given with a decimal place for a format that does not support it (e.g. SCRAM)
  • 99 was used as a missing value indicator for the wind speed in the CD-144 format, and it being read as an actual wind speed (use - instead).
  • A four digit year was used instead of a two digit year (e.g. 2009 instead of 09) in the SCRAM format.
  • The 79th column is missing in the CD-144 column.

Note: the format of the met files are explained in the WRPLOT View help file.  Press F1 at any time to view the help file.  You can also view sample files ...\Documents\Lakes\WRPLOT View\Wrplot_Samples.

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2010-05-31 17:45
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