Why can't I export my project data into Google Earth?

Users may encounter an error when exporting the project data into Google Earth, which could potentially occur when the KML file association is not directly recognized by the program. When our software package exports the project data into Google Earth (i.e., when selecting the Export | Google Earth menu option or using the Check Location feature in the New Project Wizard), KML files are automatically generated by our program. The software then requests Windows to open the KML files using the default program associated with the corresponding extension (*.kml). If this process fails, however, it may be an indicator that the association in Windows Explorer is somehow misconfigured.

Typically, this isue could be resolved by right-clicking the file and choose "Open with..." option in order to update the default association to be Google Earth. In order to execute this functionality, please follow the outline below:

    1. Find a .kml file on your computer. You can find a sample file in the .kml sub-folder of any project folder.
    2. Right-click on the selected KML file.
    3. Select "Open with..."
    4. Choose "Google Earth" from the list.
    5. Enable the option to "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file". This will set Google Earth as the default program to open any KML files. 
You may need to restart your computer at this point. Afterwards, you shold be able to export project data into Google Earth using our software interface.
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2016-10-21 17:47
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