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Monthly Newsletter - September 2012


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In this issue:

  • News & Events
  • Upcoming Courses
  • Modeling Tip: Automatically Download Worldwide Geo-Referenced Base Maps
  • Articles
  • Upcoming Conferences & Trade Shows

News & Events

AERMOD View™ Version 8.0 Released!

Lakes Environmental announced the release of AERMOD View Version 8.0 to its growing base of users on September 5, 2012.

Please find below a list of the exciting new features implemented in this latest release:

  • Automated download of worldwide geo-referenced tile maps (satellite and street maps)*
  • Automated download of NED terrain data files (1 arc-sec and 1/3 arc-sec)*
  • 8-Core Parallel AERMAP model executable for faster terrain processing

*These features available only to those AERMOD View users in current maintenance.

For a detailed listing of updates available in AERMOD View Version 8.0, please check out our latest release notes.

If you are currently in maintenance for AERMOD View and did not receive an email regarding this update, please contact us at

If you are a user of AERMOD View but are no longer in maintenance please contact for pricing to get up and running on version 8.0.

US EPA Approves CALPOST Version 6.221 as the Regulatory Version

On August 27, 2012, the US EPA announced the approval of CALPOST version 6.221 (level 080724) as the US EPA Approved Version, replacing CALPOST version 5.6394 (level 070622).

The EPA-approved CALPOST Version 6.221 includes additional options for visibility studies such as the inclusion of "Method 8", which utilizes the revised IMPROVE equation per the October 2010 - FLAG Phase 1 Report. This update only affects CALPOST and no other program in the CALPUFF Modeling System. For more information, please see the US EPA SCRAM website.

The current regulatory version of the CALPUFF Modeling System includes:

  • CALPUFF version 5.8, level 070623
  • CALMET version 5.8, level 070623
  • CALPOST version 6.221, level 082724

Lakes Environmental is currently working on a new version of CALPUFF View that will incorporate these changes.

U.S. EPA Air Quality Modeling Group Publishes NO2/NOX In-Stack Ratio Database

The U.S. EPA’s Guideline on Air Quality Models recommends a three-tiered approach to estimate ambient concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Tier 3, the most detailed level of analysis, includes non-default regulatory model options for the AERMOD model – the Ozone Limiting Method (OLM) and Plume Volume Molar Ratio Method (PVMRM).

When utilizing either OLM or PVMRM, AERMOD requires the specification of an in-stack ratio (ISR) of NO2 and NOX for each source. This introduced the need for well-documented ISR’s since the default value (0.5) may be too conservative for many applications.


In response to this need, the Air Quality Modeling Group (AQMG) published a webpage containing NO2 ISR data submitted by modelers and various air permitting offices. This database can be found at The expectation is that the formal database (NO2_ISR_database.xlsx) will be updated on a monthly basis (though the frequency will depend upon the number of submissions to AQMG staff). Instructions for data entry and submission are provided on the same webpage referred to above.

AERMOD Course in Orlando, Florida – Oct 22-23, 2012 - A Few Spots Still Available!

The AERMOD course being held in Orlando from October 22 to 23, 2012 has just a few spots available.

Early Registration Discount Ends: September 26, 2012

Our early registration discount has been extended until September 26, 2012.

Don’t be left out! Register today! For additional information please contact us at


AERMOD and CALPUFF Course in Hyderabad, India – Dec 10-13, 2012

Lakes Environmental is pleased to be traveling back to India for a 4-day AERMOD and CALPUFF course in Hyderabad from December 10 to 13, 2012.

This course will be hosted by our distributor, LaGa Systems Pvt. Ltd. We encourage you to register soon in order to reserve your spot. If you are interested in registering for this AERMOD and CALPUFF course, please contact LaGa Systems at

Further details including course venue and registration form can be found on our website.


Register today to take advantage of our early registration discounts!

Early Registration Discount Ends: October 19, 2012
Registration Closes: November 13, 2012

Course: AERMOD and CALPUFF (December 10-13, 2012)
Location: Hyderabad, India

Lakes Environmental at the U.S. EPA’s 2012 Annual International Emission Inventory Conference

Lakes Environmental recently attended the U.S. EPA’s 2012 Annual International Emission Inventory Conference held in Tampa Florida on August 13 through 16, 2012. This year’s conference focused on how emission inventories help meet the challenges posed by emerging global, national, regional, and local air quality issues. Numerous technical sessions were presented on a wide range of topics including:

  • Air Toxics
  • Biomass Burning
  • EI Preparation for Modeling
  • GIS/Innovative Methods/Remote Sensing
  • Global/International Issues
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Mobile Sources
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Stationary Sources/Nonpoint/Area Sources
  • Tools – Leveraging Technology for Improvement

The conference was well attended and represented by local, state, federal, and international air quality agencies as well as industry members and the engineering community.

A special thanks to all our customers who attended. It was great visiting with you and a pleasure interacting with so many experts in the ever-advancing field of emission inventory and air quality.

Lakes Environmental Closed for the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday

Lakes Environmental will be closed on Monday, October 8, 2012 to observe the Canadian Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Our Dallas office will remain open on this day. If you have any needs during that time, please e-mail us at and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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Upcoming Courses





Oct 15-16, 2012
Oct 17-18, 2012


London, UK

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Oct 22-23, 2012


Orlando, FL

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Nov 5-6, 2012
Nov 7-9, 2012


São Paulo, Brazil

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Nov 21-23, 2012


Santiago, Chile

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Nov 29-30, 2012


Mexico City, Mexico

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Dec 10-11, 2012
Dec 12-13, 2012



Hyderabad, India

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Jan 28-29, 2013


Toronto, ON

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Feb 25-26, 2013
Feb 27- Mar 1, 2013


Dallas, TX

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Mar 11-12, 2013
Mar 13-14, 2013


Doha, Qatar

Registration Coming Soon

Apr 8-9, 2013
Apr 10-12, 2013


Las Vegas, NV

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May 13-14, 2013
May 15-16, 2013


Calgary, AB

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For more information on the above courses, including registration information, location, and course outlines, please visit our web site:

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Modeling Tip

Automatically Download Worldwide Geo-Referenced Base Maps

AERMOD View Version 8.0 introduced a brand-new option: Tile Maps. The Tile Maps option allows you to automatically download base maps for your modeling area from map servers (e.g., OpenStreetMap, MapQuest) without the need to geo-reference these images and other mapping manipulation requirements. The import of Tile Maps is only available for users that are in current maintenance, and an internet connection must be available.

The steps below will show you how you can import tile maps:

  1. Use the New Project Wizard to define your map projection and geo-referenced project location. If your existing project does not contain this information, you can set the projection via the View | Map Projection and use the View | Site Domain to apply geo-referenced coordinates.

  2. Select the menu option Import | Tile Maps to display the Import Tile Maps dialog.

  3. Choose a server from the Map Server list. AERMOD View comes with six preloaded servers which include aerial photography (MapQuest Satellite, MapQuest Aerial), road maps (OpenStreetMaps, MapQuest Streets), and terrain maps (OpenCycleMap).

  4. If you have custom tile map servers that you would like to import maps from, select the New option. Add a Layer Name (which will appear in the Overlays tab of the main display) and type in the unique addresses for the servers in the Hosts field.

    Note: Not all tile map server formats are available – refer to the AERMOD View Help File for a list of supported tile map server formats.

    Warning: If you are adding a custom map server, it is your responsibility to verify copyright requirements.

  5. The Options group box allows you to change the map’s opacity and maximum zoom level. Use the Transparency slider bar to make the map more or less opaque, The Max Zoom Level feature determines how far you can zoom in to the server-provided map before loss of picture.

  6. By default, the program will download maps up to the Site Domain Boundary. To import maps for a larger or smaller region, enter a value in the Map Domain Option input field. Use a negative value to import maps for a region smaller than the boundary or a positive value to increase the map domain.

  7. Click the Apply button to add the map to your project and begin downloading imagery. You can add as many map layers as you’d like by changing the selected options and clicking Apply. To leave the Import Tile Maps window, click OK.

  8. Back in the AERMOD View main display, the maps will automatically begin downloading. Zoom in and out of any location to see how the tile maps behave. As you zoom in to a specific area, additional higher resolution tile maps are automatically loaded.

Submit Your Modeling Tip Today!

We are currently accepting submissions for the Monthly Modeling Tip section that appears in our newsletters. If you have a modeling tip that may benefit our readers, please send it to us at Your name and the name of your organization will appear below the tip providing you with an opportunity for increased exposure.

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Cross State Air Pollution Rule is Overturned by Court

August 24, 2012 - Four years after overturning a major Environmental Protection Agency air pollution rule as inconsistent with the Clean Air Act, this week the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the program that EPA had tailored to take its place, ruling that the replacement rule "exceeds the agency's statutory authority" and imposes "impossible" burdens upon covered states. As a result, hundreds of power plants in 28 states are once again subject to the very rule the same court rejected in 2008.

Read Full Article Here

Harper Government Moves Forward on Tough Rules for Coal-Fired Electricity Sector

SASKATOON, Sask. - September 5, 2012 - Canada’s Environment Minister, the Honourable Peter Kent, today announced final regulations for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from coal-fired electricity generation.

“Canada already boasts one of the cleanest electricity systems in the world, with three-quarters of our electricity supply emitting no greenhouse gases,” said Minister Kent. “These regulations will further strengthen our position as a world leader in clean electricity production, while continuing to grow our economy and create jobs.”

Read Full Article Here

Atmospheric Methane Reductions Attributed to Not Venting it

September 3, 2012 - Increased capture of natural gas from oil fields probably accounts for up to 70 percent of the dramatic leveling off seen in atmospheric methane at the end of the 20th century, according to new UC Irvine research being published in the journal Nature.

"We can now say with confidence that, based on our data, the trend is largely a result of changes in fossil fuel use," said chemistry professor Donald Blake, senior author on the paper.

Read Full Article Here

Department of Pesticide Regulation’s Plan to Improve Air Quality Approved by U.S. EPA

SACRAMENTO - August 30, 2012 - The Department of Pesticide Regulation’s (DPR) plan to improve air quality by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from pesticide applications has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Pacific Southwest Region, DPR Director Brian R. Leahy announced today.

Amendments to the State Implementation Plan, or SIP, were approved Aug. 14, including regulations to reduce VOC emissions from fumigant pesticides in several areas of the state that do not meet federal air quality standards.

“California is the first state in the nation to specifically regulate agricultural pesticide applications to improve air quality,” Leahy said. “VOC emissions from fumigant pesticides declined significantly in the two years after the regulations took effect in 2008.”

Read Full Article Here

What to Look For in the EPA’s Forthcoming Standards on Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles

August 20, 2012 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are working to finalize rules for light-duty vehicles that could significantly reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

These rules, which could be released this week, will establish new fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for passenger cars and light trucks for model years 2017 through 2025. Light-duty vehicles represent a significant portion of U.S. greenhouse gases, accounting for approximately 17 percent of U.S. emissions. If the forthcoming rules resemble the proposed standards published by EPA and NHTSA last November, they will be an important step forward in protecting the environment and shielding consumers from higher gas prices.

Read Full Article Here

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Upcoming Conferences & Trade Shows




Oct 30-31, 2012

Carbon Forum Asia
More Info

Bangkok, Thailand

Nov 7-10, 2012

Ecomondo 2012
More Info

Rimini, Italy

Nov 11-15, 2012

SETAC North America 33rd Annual Meeting
More Info

Long Beach, CA, USA

Nov 27-30, 2012

Pollutec Horizons 2012
More Info

Lyon, France

Jan 15-17, 2013

World Future Energy Summit
More Info

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jan 28-30, 2013

EUEC 2013
More Info

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Mar 19-21, 2013

More Info

Montreal, QC, Canada

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