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Latest News

Apr 2020...

AERMOD View 9.9.0 Released!

- WebGIS NLCD Update
- Shapefile Land Use

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Feb 2020...

CALPUFF View 9.0 Released!

- New 7.3 (BETA) Models
- Spray Source Type
- Shapefile Land Use

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Oct 2019...

AERSCREEN View 2.7 Released!

- 19191 AERMOD Model Update

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Lakes Environmental FREE Software

Lakes Environmental is proud to offer you the following software products as freeware.



Screening Air Dispersion Model
SCREEN View - Freeware
SCREEN View is designed for screening level air dispersion modeling using the US EPA SCREEN3 model.  With conservative calculations and simplified input requirements, SCREEN View is ideal for initial air dispersion screening runs.

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Wind Rose Plots for Meteorological Data WRPLOT View - Freeware
WRPLOT View is a fully operational wind rose program for your meteorological data. It provides frequency analysis, visual wind rose plots, and generates wind rose statistics and plots for several meteorological data formats.

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Percent View



Percentiles for AERMOD and ISC Postfiles
Percent View - Freeware
Percent View is a utility that computes rolling averages and generates percentile concentrations for the following US EPA air dispersion models: AERMOD, ISCST3, and ISC-PRIME.

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