Wind Rose Plots for Meteorological Data




WRPLOT View is a fully operational wind rose program for your meteorological data. It provides visual wind rose plots, frequency analysis, and plots for several meteorological data formats.

A wind rose depicts the frequency of occurrence of winds in each of the specified wind direction sectors and wind speed classes for a given location and time period.

Installation Steps
1. Download the self-extracting installation file above to a temporary folder in your computer.

2. Submit your Registration to obtain an activation code. An activation code will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

3. Install WRPLOT View onto your computer.

4. Once you have received your activation code, start-up WRPLOT View. When prompted to register, click on Yes, and the Registration dialog box will be displayed.

5. Enter your activation code (product registration key) you received by e-mail and press OK.

6. You can now start using WRPLOT View!
Technical Support
Note that we do not provide technical support for any of our freeware products (SCREEN View, WRPLOT View, and Percent View). However, if you are experiencing problems with installation or you have suggestions for improvements, please send an e-mail to us at support@webLakes.com.

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