Modeling Data

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The following documents and resources are available for support:

Meteorological Data

WebMET - Free Meteorological Data provides free meteorological data for both the United States and Canada! The site not only includes free met data for air dispersion models, but links to meteorological books, videos, software and more. Explore and Learn using WebMET for all things meteorological.

Terrain Data

WebGIS - Free Terrain Data contains extensive map coverage for technical applications including Air Dispersion Modeling, Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment and Terrain Processing for free! These maps are ready for download in various formats, to facilitate your modeling.nnSRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission - Terrain data in resolutions of 90m and 900m covering the entire world and of 30m for the US (FREE):

Land Use Data

GLCC - Global Land Cover Characterization - Land Use/Land Cover data in 1km resolution Use Mapm resolution covering the entire world: