IRAP-h View

Human Health Risk Assessment Program


IRAP-h View is a user-friendly graphical interface for conducting a comprehensive multi-pathway human health risk assessment. It simultaneously calculates risk values for multiple chemicals, from multiple sources, at multiple exposure locations.
Regardless of experience, risk assessors, trial burn planners, permit writers, and toxicologists can readily produce expert results and professional reports.

Most of all, they are completing these projects within only a fraction of the time and cost traditionally absorbed during in-depth risk assessments.

IRAP-h View implements the latest U.S. EPA - OSW Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP), ensuring users' step-by-step process meets the criteria set forth within the protocol.

IRAP-h View Covers...

IRAP-h View covers many human health risk assessment guidance and procedures such as:
  • 2005 Final U.S. EPA OSW Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP)
  • PCBs: Cancer Dose-Response Assessment and Application to Environmental Mixtures
  • Mercury Study Report to Congress
  • New Policy on Evaluating Health Risks to Children
  • North Carolina Protocol for Performing Indirect Exposure Risk Assessments for Hazardous Waste Combustion Units
  • Recommendations for the Technical Review Work Group for Lead for an Interim Approach with Adult Exposures to Lead in Soil
  • Estimating Exposure to Dioxin-Like Compounds