Lagrangian Particle Tracking Air Dispersion Model


AUSTAL View is a graphical user interface for the official German Federal Environmental Agency air dispersion model, AUSTAL.

The AUSTAL model was developed according to Germany's air pollution control regulation TALuft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality).

AUSTAL is a Lagrangian particle tracking air dispersion model that contains its own diagnostic wind field model (TALdia). The model takes into account the influence of topography on the wind field and therefore on the dispersion of pollutants.

Available AUSTAL View Modules

AUSTAL View is available in three versions (T, G, and TG) and an add-on module. See description below:

  • AUSTAL View T: This version supports the TA Luft chemicals but does not support odor modeling (formerly AUSTAL View).
  • AUSTAL View G: This version supports odor modeling but does not support the TA Luft chemicals (formerly ODOR View).
  • AUSTAL View TG: This version supports all the TA Luft chemicals and odor modeling. This version combines the specialized AUSTAL View T and AUSTAL View G Versions (formerly AUSTAL View G+).
  • Multi-Core Module: This module allows for the use of a multi-core (multi-processor) compatible model executables, and allows for the use of up to 8 multi-processors in a single-machine.