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Monthly Newsletter - September 2016


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In this issue:

  • News & Events
  • Upcoming Courses
  • Modeling Tip Video: Importing Base Maps into Lakes Software
  • Articles
  • Upcoming Conferences & Trade Shows

News & Events

CALPUFF View 8.4 Released!

On September 22, 2016, Lakes Environmental released CALPUFF View Version 8.4. This release includes the following updates:

  • New Tile Maps Server: The brand-new Lakes Satellite server provides high-resolution worldwide satellite imagery. This feature is only available to users with a current paid maintenance agreement.
  • New Models: Support for the EPA-Approved CALMET & CALPUFF executables (Version 5.8.5, Level 151214).
  • Quick links for ordering WRF or MM5 meteorological data in CALMET-Ready or CALPUFF-Ready formats.
  • And more!

For a detailed listing of updates available in CALPUFF View Version 8.4, please check out our latest release notes.

If you are currently in maintenance for CALPUFF View and did not receive an email regarding this update, please contact us at

If you are a user of CALPUFF View but are no longer in maintenance, please for pricing to update your software.

AERMOD & CALPUFF Courses in São Paulo, Brazil – Nov 7-10, 2016

Lakes Environmental will present four days of AERMOD and CALPUFF training in São Paulo from November 7-10, 2016.

Online Registration Available!

Early Registration Discount Ends: Oct 7, 2016

Course: AERMOD (Nov 7-8, 2016)
Course: CALPUFF (Nov 9-10, 2016)
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Registration: Online Registration


AERMOD Course in Orlando, Florida – Only a Few Spots Left!

The AERMOD course being held in Orlando from November 17-18, 2016 has just a few spots left.

Don’t be left out! Register today!

Early Registration Discount Ends: Oct 17, 2016

Course: AERMOD (Nov 17-18, 2016)
Location: Orlando, FL
Registration: Online Registration


Lakes Environmental & CASANZ AERMOD Course in Melbourne, Australia

Lakes Environmental and the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand (CASANZ) will hold a 2-day AERMOD course in Melbourne from November 28-29, 2016.

Further details including course venue and online registration can be found on the CASANZ website.

Early Bird Registration Closes: Oct 17, 2016

Course: AERMOD (Nov 28-29, 2016)
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Registration: Online Registration


Distributor Profile - Laga Systems Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad, India

LaGa Systems Pvt. Ltd, based in Hyderabad, India, was selected as a distributor for India and Sri Lanka by Lakes Environmental in 2003. To develop the market LaGa Systems made numerous presentations to regulatory authorities educating them on the benefits of using the U.S. EPA approved models including AERMOD.

Additionally, LaGa Systems faced many challenges in convincing their customers to begin using AERMOD due to a lack of upper air data. Fortunately, with the introduction of Lakes Environmental’s online met data services, they were able to begin providing their clients with reliable and affordable meteorological data including upper air.

To further develop the market, Lakes Environmental began organizing international training programs for the AERMOD and CALPUFF air dispersion models. LaGa Systems, with support from Lakes Environmental, successfully delivered many courses in Hyderabad and New Delhi where course participants came not only from India but also from the Middle East, South East Asia and even Africa.


LaGa Systems initially reached out to regulatory authorities, such as the Pollution Control Boards and the National Environmental Training & Research Institute, to promote Lakes Environmental’s software products. Later they began supplying these state-of-the-science software solutions to all of the premium academic institutions not only in India but also in neighboring countries. LaGa Systems introduced the Lakes Environmental suite of products to the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) in India which is a program funded by the World Bank to improve and systemically transform India's technical education system to make it globally competitive, promote academic excellence, and network institutions for quality enhancement and resource sharing.

LaGa Systems has trained their environmental engineers to resolve any technical support issues related to Lakes Environmental’s software products for their clients in India and Sri Lanka. LaGa Systems would like to thank Dr. Jesse Thé, Mrs. Cristiane Thé, and the entire Lakes Environmental Team for providing them with all the required support necessary to become a successful distributor of Lakes Environmental’s products in these regions.

Lakes Environmental Closed for Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday

Lakes Environmental's Waterloo office will be closed on Monday, October 10, 2016 for the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. Our Dallas support office will remain open on this day. If you have any needs during that time, please e-mail us at and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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Upcoming Courses





Sep 26-27, 2016


Toronto, ON

Registration Closed

Nov 7-8, 2016
Nov 9-10, 2016


São Paulo, Brazil

Register Now

Nov 17-18, 2016


Orlando, FL

Register Now
Almost Full!

Nov 28-29, 2016


Melbourne, Australia
Sponsored by CASANZ

Register Now

Feb 6-7, 2017
Feb 8-10, 2017


Dallas, TX

Register Now

Apr 3-4, 2017
Apr 5-7, 2017


London, UK

Coming Soon

May 1-2, 2017
May 3-5, 2017


Las Vegas, NV

Register Now

For more information on the above courses, including registration information, location, and course outlines, please visit our web site:

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Modeling Tip

Importing Base Maps into Lakes Software

High quality base maps can be important to any air dispersion modeling project. These maps provide locational context to project data and improve the overall display of modeled results. Lakes Environmental Software applications – including AERMOD View, CALPUFF View, CALRoads View, and AUSTAL View – contain multiple ways to bring imagery into a project.

The Tile Maps feature automatically imports street maps or satellite imagery into any project with a defined map projection. Automation means users do not have to perform any geo-referencing on the images, and higher resolution images are automatically downloaded as the user zooms in.

Watch the video below for an overview of importing tile maps into Lakes software, including a look at the brand-new Lakes Satellite map server currently available in CALPUFF View Version 8.4 and coming soon to other Lakes products!

the tile maps feature is only available to users with a current paid maintenance agreement. If your maintenance is out-of-date, contact our sales team today to renew.

Another way of importing base maps into the Lakes software is by manually adding your own base map imagery. Images from popular mapping applications like Google Earth can be imported into Lakes products, but the user must geo-reference the image. The video below provides a step-by-step guide on this process.

Submit Your Modeling Tips Today!

We are currently accepting submissions for the Monthly Modeling Tip section that appears in our newsletters. If you have a modeling tip that may benefit our readers, please send it to us at Your name and the name of your organization will appear below the tip providing you with an opportunity for increased exposure.

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Air Pollution Cost India a Staggering 8.5% Of GDP In 2013: World Bank

September 9, 2016 - Diseases associated with outdoor and household air pollution may have cost India as much as 8.5 per cent of its gross domestic product or GDP in 2013, according to a global study on air pollution by the World Bank.

The study estimated the economic cost of air pollution, taking into account deaths and diseases associated with both outdoor and household air pollution, and estimating losses in terms of labour output, as well as "welfare losses" to evaluate the costs and benefits of environmental regulations that lead to an aggregate cost of premature deaths.

Read Full Article Here

EPA Finalizes Rule to Reduce Smog-Forming Pollution Transported Across State Lines

September 7, 2016 - WASHINGTON - Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized updates to the agency's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) that will help protect communities in the eastern U.S. from smog-forming pollution that crosses state lines and will help states meet the 2008 air quality standards for smog, or ozone. The CSAPR Update will continue to reduce summertime emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) from power plants that contribute to downwind ozone problems in the eastern U.S.

Read Full Article Here

Aerosol Emissions in East Asia Driven by Consumption in Developed Countries

September 6, 2016 - Much of the influence on climate from air pollution in East Asia is driven by consumption in the developed countries of Western Europe and North America, according to research co-led by McGill University atmospheric scientist Yi Huang. In a paper published online this week in Nature Geoscience, Huang and colleagues from China, the U.S. and U.K. report that international trade shifts the climate impacts of aerosols -- solid or liquid particles suspended in air -- from net consuming countries to net producing countries.

Read Full Article Here

London Air Pollution Policies Are Starting to Have Impact, But More Work to Be Done

September 2, 2016 - New research by scientists at King's College London suggests that air pollution from London's roads is improving overall but more work may be needed to tackle some sources of traffic pollution, which continue to breach limits in many parts of the city. The study looked at trends in air pollution over a ten-year period spanning 2005 to 2014, using data collected from 65 roads. Researchers looked at changes in a number of pollutants including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter as fine (PM2.5) and coarser (PM10) particles, carbon dioxide (CO2) and black carbon.

Read Full Article Here

EPA and DOT Finalize Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks

August 16, 2016 - WASHINGTON - Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) jointly finalized standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that will improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon pollution, while bolstering energy security and spurring manufacturing innovation. The final phase two standards were called for by President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, and respond to the President’s directive in early 2014 to develop new standards that run into the next decade.

Read Full Article Here

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Upcoming Conferences & Trade Shows

Sep 26-27, 2016

18th International Conference on Environment and Climate Change
More Info

Paris, France

Nov 3-4, 2016

2016 EIANZ Annual Conference
More Info

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Nov 6-10, 2016

SETAC World Congress and Annual Meeting
More Info

Orlando, FL, USA

Jan 5-7, 2017

IAFOR International Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment
More Info

Honolulu, HI, USA

Jan 16-19, 2017

World Future Energy Summit
More Info

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jan 22-26, 2017

American Meteorological Society (AMS) 97th Annual Meeting
More Info

Seattle, WA, USA

Feb 8-10, 2017

Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC) 2017
More Info

San Diego, CA, USA

Mar 21-23, 2017

Americana 2017
More Info

Montréal, QC, Canada

Apr 3-4, 2017

2nd International Conference on Air, Water, and Soil Pollution and Treatment (AWSPT'17)
More Info

Barcelona, Spain

May 2-3, 2017

More Info

Mississauga, ON, Canada

May 25-26, 2017

19th International Conference on Air Pollution and Control
More Info

London, UK

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