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Latest News

Apr 2020...

AERMOD View 9.9.0 Released!

- WebGIS NLCD Update
- Shapefile Land Use

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Feb 2020...

CALPUFF View 9.0 Released!

- New 7.3 (BETA) Models
- Spray Source Type
- Shapefile Land Use

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Oct 2019...

AERSCREEN View 2.7 Released!

- 19191 AERMOD Model Update

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Project Experience

Lakes Environmental is Active in the Field

Lakes Environmental has a wide-range of experience with customized IT projects.  Our latest technologies, extensive research, and diverse expertise helps us provide superb solutions for an array of unique projects. Click on one of the projects listed below to learn more about some of our many customized IT projects.

Emissions Inventory IT Solutions
CASA View Emissions Data Warehouse (Alberta Environment)
Emissions Inventory, Permitting & Model System (Nevada State)
Environmental Justice (State of New Jersey)
NPRI CAC Calculation & VOC Speciation (Environment Canada)
CHAR View - Emissions and Air Modeling


Emissions Inventory IT Solutions

Emissions inventory is the first step in conducting a risk assessment.  Our tools evolved to correct source emissions reports and analyze data gaps.  A complete description of these steps is presented below, employing the complex and large Texas Project Source Database inventory (PSDB). To accomplish our Data Quality Objectives (DQO) we needed powerful information technology tools.  As an example, some of the complex steps required by emissions inventory data quality ...

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Emissions Inventory Project


Alberta Environment Project


CASA View - Emissions Data Warehouse

Alberta Environment

Alberta Environment is becoming a Policy Driven and Outcomes Focused ministry. A key factor in the success of this strategic shift is being able to effectively monitor and report on the state of the environment. The objective was to demonstrate that the department is achieving its desired environmental outcomes using a systems management ...

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Emissions Inventory, Permitting & Model System

Nevada State

The State of Nevada faced pressures to meet an increasing number of regulatory requirements while their state continued to grow and develop. Several years ago, they saw value in centralizing and automating and…

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Nevada State Project


State of New Jersey Project


Environmental Justice

State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Lakes Environmental was hired, on a sole source basis, to develop unique Environmental Justice solutions.  The American 1964 Civil Rights Act – Title VI mandates that all federal fund transfers be suspended from States that discriminate against race or ethnic groups. A lawsuit was brought against the State of New Jersey by a minority group arguing that environmental permits was causing disparate impacts ...

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CAC2003 - NPRI CAC Calculation & VOC Speciation

Environment Canada

CAC2003 offers complete multi-lingual support for SPECIATE and FIRE profiles for criteria and hazardous air pollutants. Building upon our substantial technologies for emissions estimation, Lakes Environmental was contracted to create a customized software solution to estimate the 7 Criteria Air Contaminants (CACs) ...

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Environment Canada Project


U.S. EPA Region 6 Project


CHAR View - Emissions and Air Modeling

U.S. EPA Region 6

Lakes Environmental developed Char View for the U.S. EPA to allow modelers to prepare site data, emissions, inventories, and air models quickly and avoiding common human errors in the projects. With Char View, the user can import the most commonly available map formats: ArcView Shapefiles, USGS LULC and DLG, AutoCAD DXF, aerophotos, DOQs, and Bitmaps.  It can also preprocess ...

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