Gaussian Plume Air Dispersion Model

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Automatic Terrain Download - View Video

AERMOD View Overview

This video demonstrates the capabilities of AERMOD View. Watch and learn about all of the exciting features in our most popular air dispersion modeling package.

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Automatic Terrain Download - View Video

AERMET View Land Use Creator

The Land Use Creator is a unique utility developed for use in Lakes Environmental Software's AERMET View application. The tool creates custom land use data for any location worldwide which can be used in the AERSURFACE model.

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Automatic Terrain Download - View Video

Automatic Terrain Download

The Terrain Processor in AERMOD View has the ability to automatically download terrain data for your project site from WebGIS. View this brief video to see how you can automatically download terrain for any location in the world.

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Removing Plant Receptors - View Video

Removing Plant Receptors

Many regulations do not require concentrations inside the plant property to be reported. For this reason it is often desirable to remove any receptors located within the plant boundary when modeling with the US EPA AERMOD model. AERMOD View offers a convenient plant boundary tool to complete this task in three simple steps.

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NED Terrain Data - View Video

NED Terrain Data

The National Elevation Dataset (NED) is now the terrain dataset recommended by the US EPA.  This video shows how you can download the necessary data files from the USGS seamless server and use them in AERMOD View's Terrain Processor.

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Batcher - View Video


Batcher is a convenient tool which allows you to queue multiple AERMOD and ISC projects to be run one after the other. Learn how to set up and use Batcher in this tutorial video.

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