Emergency Release Dense Gas Model with Complex Terrain

Technical Specifications



Model Name

SEVEX (SEVeso EXpert system)

Release Types

  • Instantaneous
  • Catastrophic (e.g. instantaneous tank rupture)
  • Continuous (e.g. breach in a vessel without any means to stop the leakage)
  • Transient (e.g. similar to continuous but leakage can be stopped (i.e. via a valve))

Source Term

  • Gaseous
  • Liquid
  • 2-Phase Flow
  • Jet Dispersion
  • Aerosol Vaporization
  • Pool Formation and Evaporation
  • Dense Gas Dispersion
  • Gaussian Dispersion
  • Vapor Cloud Explosion
  • Fireball Thermal Radiation


SEVEX View can model a sudden release of a large mass of pressurized superheated liquid to the atmosphere (BLEVE)::

  • rapid vaporization of the liquid
  • expansion of the vapor out of the vessel
  • shock wave
  • ignition of the cloud
  • radiation effect of the fireball

Storage Conditions

  • Liquid
  • Cryogenic
  • Saturated Vaporpressed Gas
  • Pressurized Liquid

System Requirements

Both UNIX/LINUX and Windows versions are available, making this unique model extremely versatile and able to run on your choice of today's hottest operating systems.