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Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment Protocol (SLERAP) for Hazardous Waste Combustion Facilities

Source: U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste EPA 530-D-99-001A - August 1999

Volume 1

Introduction with objectives and purpose, related Trial burn issues, reference documents and organization of remainder of document.

Facility Characterization discussing compiling basic facility information, identifying emission sources, estimating emission rates, identifying compounds of potential concern (COPCs), estimating COPC concentrations for non-detects and evaluating contamination in blanks.

Air Dispersion and Deposition Modeling with recommended models, site-specific characterization, use of unit emission rate, partitioning of emissions, meteorological data requirements, meteorological preprocessors, ISCST3 model input files, ISCST3 model execution, use of modeled output, modeling fugitive emissions and modeling acute risk.

Problem Formulation with exposure setting characterization, food web development, selecting assessment endpoints and identifying measures of effect.

Analysis with exposure assessment and toxicity assessment.

Risk Characterization with risk estimation, risk description and uncertainty and limitations of the Screening Level Risk Assessment.

References used in this document.

Volume 2

Consists of the following two documents: A-1: Chemicals for Consideration as Compounds of Potential Concern A-2: Compound Specific Parameter Values

Volume 3

Estimating Media Concentration Equations and Variable Values

Media-To-Receptor Bioconcentration Factors (BCFs)

Bioconcentration Factors (BCFs) for Wildlife Measurement Receptors

Toxicity Reference Values

Equations for Computing COPC Concentrations and COPC Dose Ingested Terms

State Natural Heritage Programs