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Latest News

Apr 2020...

AERMOD View 9.9.0 Released!

- WebGIS NLCD Update
- Shapefile Land Use

see release notes

Feb 2020...

CALPUFF View 9.0 Released!

- New 7.3 (BETA) Models
- Spray Source Type
- Shapefile Land Use

see release notes

Oct 2019...

AERSCREEN View 2.7 Released!

- 19191 AERMOD Model Update

see release notes



Software Troubleshooting and FAQs

Through the knowledgebase, Lakes Environmental provides answers and technical guidance for many of the most frequently asked software questions. This service is made available to all users currently in maintenance. If you require a maintenance renewal, please visit our maintenance page.

Knowledgebase - Freeware Products

Below are links to the knowledgebase for Lakes Environmental's Freeware products. This knowledgebase section is available to everyone.

WRPLOT View KnowledgebaseSCREEN View Knowledgebase

Freeware Knowledgebase

WRPLOT View | SCREEN View | Percent View


To access the Knowledgebase, select the software of your choice. You will then be prompted to enter your Username and Password after which you will be able to browse the available articles.

AERMOD View Knowledgebase

AERMOD View - Knowledgebase
Gaussian Plume Air Dispersion Model


AERSCREEN View - Knowledgebase
Screening Air Dispersion Model for AERMOD

CALPUFF View Knowledgebase

CALPUFF View - Knowledgebase
Long Range Puff Air Dispersion Model

CALRoads View Knowledgebase

CALRoads View - Knowledgebase
Traffic Air Dispersion Model

SLAB View Knowledgebase

SLAB View - Knowledgebase
Emergency Release Model

Note: If you are in maintenance and are experiencing problems with login, contact us by e-mail to